Download Lane’s Lexicon

March 27, 2019: Text Version of Lane’s Lexicon is going through active proofreading with the help of Alpheios project. All changes are being tracked through GItHub and can be viewed at:

If you are interested in colloborating and know Arabic well and also xml  basics, please contact me through email:

March 27, 2019: Here is a very good quality version of scanned Lane’s Lexicon.:

  1.  Volume 1 – 50.6 MB: An_Arabic_English_Lexicon_Part_1
  2.  Volume 2 – 57.1 MB: An_Arabic_English_Lexicon_Part_2
  3.  Volume 3 – 53.9 MB: An_Arabic_English_Lexicon_Part_3
  4.  Volume 4 – 57.9 MB: An_Arabic_English_Lexicon_Part_4
  5.  Volume 5 – 55.5 MB: An_Arabic_English_Lexicon_Part_5
  6.  Volume 6 – 29.5 MB: An_Arabic_English_Lexicon_Part_6
  7.  Volume 7 – 31.7 MB: An_Arabic_English_Lexicon_Part_7
  8.  Volume 8 – 37.6 MB: An_Arabic_English_Lexicon_Part_8
  9. Complete – 379.961 MB: Lanes Lexicon – Complete

December 25, 2018: Just uploaded the New version Lane -An Arabic English lexicon v3.1 with a lot of edits. Editing is still in progress. Here is the link to download:

Lane Lexicon Version 3.1

January 19, 2019:
The PDF version in 8 volumes of Lane’s Lexicon assembled from:
Lane’s Lexicon for Windows written by Graeme Andrews

The PDFs:

  • Are based on English and Arabic Text and are not scanned copies.
  • Are fully searchable in English and Arabic.
  • Have page numbers from print edition of Lane’s Lexicon.
  • Have bookmarks for all root entries.
  1. Preface – 387 KB      – Preface
  2. Volume 1 – 12.6 MB – lane’s lexicon – volume 1
  3. Volume 2 – 59.6 MB – lane’s lexicon – volume 2
  4. Volume 3 – 57.3 MB – lane’s lexicon – volume 3
  5. Volume 4 – 60.2 MB – lane’s lexicon – volume 4
  6. Volume 5 – 44.7 MB – lane’s lexicon – volume 5
  7. Volume 6 – 33.7 MB – lane’s lexicon – volume 6
  8. Volume 7 – 42.3 MB – lane’s lexicon – volume 7
  9. Volume 8 – 40.5 MB – lane’s lexicon – volume 8

Complete lexicon with Preface – 353 MB: lane lexicon complete with preface



14 responses

  1. Jazakallahu Khayr Katsir for your effort

  2. is the version 1.1 being verified? I, for example, noticed that word شَأَمَ is missing as a heading. It goes from the previous word and runs into this word. If I see a scanned image I see the word.

    When I tried to process all words like that, several were missed.

    1. Thanks for comments. Can you please send a list of missing words to my email address?

  3. Hi!
    I think showing the date of every new update is quite helpful, so that people can check if they downloaded the latest one.

    1. Started adding the date for update. From now onwards. I will add the date for all updates.

  4. How long is it going to take to proof read it all and release the final version?

  5. Thank you so much for this important source of research. A great contribution.

  6. Mirza Khurram Rasheed | Reply

    Nice effort

  7. Mahammad Saeed AKhtar | Reply

    Excellent book

  8. The best ever arabic to english dictionary in the world written by William Lane.

  9. Mr Maqbool Ahmad | Reply

    I see a lot of abbreviations like here i,e T, Ṣ, M, A, Ḳ etc. ذَبَرَ, (T, Ṣ, M, A, Ḳ,) aor. ـُ {يَذْبُرُ} (T, Ṣ, M, Ḳ). when I browse any verb at the following link.
    Is there an explanation of this somewhere of these i,e what these abbreviations stand for?

    1. Please download and read preface:

      3. Chronological list of the more celebrated of the Lexicologists and Grammarians cited in the following work ……

  10. Is Lane’s lexicon out of copyright clasue?.I know its pretty costly but i am asking this on moral basis of not wanting to download a pirated book.
    I would be on top of the world if it were.

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